22 November 2009

7 things that made me smile this week.....

1. Looking at a friends photo album on facebook of their family holiday to Noosa....ahhhh, the sun, the sand, the blue sky, the beautiful blue water, friends, family......the good life.....you could see the stress of their busy year disappear before your eyes. Fantastic!

2. A friend using a photo of our children on her calendar for the upcoming new year.  We don't have the chance to get together very often...which is sad...and we should organise to do it more often.  So a rare photo of our children together having fun is a wonderful thing to cherish. I am looking forward to seeing this beautiful calendar on our visit home next month.

3. The beautiful autumn colours in Munich. The last of the autumn leaves are like golden magic in our back garden.

4. Seeing my daughters happy face when she was telling me about a friend who had moved from Munich 6 months ago and she was coming back for a visit this week.  Spending time with friends....one of the simple pleasues of life!

5. Buying a tiny basket of Italian garlic, so cute...the motto of the company is 'One bulb, one clove, one love!' Belissimo!

6. Making a batch of Vanilla Kipferls with my daughter....these are crescent shaped shortbreads .... a few kangaroos, teddy bears and stars joined in the fun too!

7. Watching the autumn sun setting through this tangle of silhouetted branches in the garden. The fading pink sky against the apartment buildings and the last of the golden leaves....such a lovely sight.

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