15 December 2009

fighting off the winter chills...

While I am usually sweltering at this time of year at home, here in Munich the white wintery days of Christmas have a very definite chill to them…a top of around minus 8 today….brrrrr.  When shopping for groceries at my local bio shop the other day,  I came across a box of tea bags bursting so bright with Christmas cheer that I could not resist them. And they have done wonders to ward off the winter chills. 

Today my tea of choice is called Heartwarming and it certainly does warm the heart after being out in the city doing some Christmas shopping, with snow 'flurries' floating all around me.   Not only does it warm the heart but warms the whole body, or maybe it's that I just turned the heating up! Either way, it is doing wonders!  Hello Yogi Tea, goodbye winter chills!  

The packaging is delightful. Bright and colourful and I just love the winking Yogi in the Christmas sleigh. And then there is the message on the tea bag string, different with each tea bag. Among the messages are: 'Your head must bow to your heart',  'Your word is your greatest power',  'Feel good, be good, do good', 'Act selfless, you will be infinte'….so many inspirational messages with each cup of tea. Wonderful!   

There are 12 different teas in my box….Classic, Rooibos, Sweet Chilli (hmmm…), Liquorice (which I thought would be good, but turned out to be a bit of a disappointment!), Jamaica (maaaannnn!), Bright Mood (now, that might come in handy), Heartwarming (mmmmm…), Ginger Hibiscus (looking forward to trying that one), Ginger Lemon, Bedtime and Black Chai. So many to choose from. I think I will go and put the kettle on! 

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