26 January 2010

...just a though or two about life in Munich...

Since we have been here I have...

...tried to talk Matthew into moving to Trieste. Well, a girl can only try to live in Italy once in her life, can't she!  Matthew's boss works from the office over there and originally wanted us to be based in Trieste, but M thought Munich would be better as it's a bigger city. Hmmmm, he is still paying for that one ; )

...tried to talk Matthew into moving to another apartment closer to work and in the very trendy Schwabing district. Well, a girl can only try to live in Schwabing (or for that matter any trendy district) once in her life can't she!  They have some gorgeous big old apartment buildings there which I just love. I would really, really, really like to be in one of those! Looking over the English garden would be good too.

...only had about 4 haircuts by a professional hairdresser...confession time here. My favourite hairdresser just down the street from me closed her salon ages ago (and I mean AGES ago) and since then I have had one hair cut at Lynnes salon when we were home for her wedding and the rest of the time I have been cutting my own fringe and doing my own colour (gasp, shock horror)!! Yes I'm sad to say, its true. (no picture needed here, that's for sure!)

...bought a total of 9 beanies for myself in an attempt to find the perfect one. And by perfect I'm not talking about a fashion statement, I am talking about purely practical, that is, keeping the cold out of my ears and off my head!  I have no idea what I am going to do with the beanie collection when I get home. 

...decided pork is not so bad after all. I especially like the quick and easy pork minute steaks and having them with apple sauce is really delicious. I haven't tried the German favourite pork knuckle yet and don't think I ever will. Matthew, however, is quite partial to them.  And I do love the new Pork Australia Industry ad campaign for 'get some pork on your fork'. I think the Germans would love this ad! 

...have taken up bike riding. Well, not that I do it very often and not that I do it at all in winter, but I do own a bike now, which is a start!

...been baking a lot more often with all this time on my hands. Sean is thrilled to have a batch of fresh muffins every other day.

...been writing a lot more often (too often) and taking way too many photos of everything and anything.

...been thinking about home and family a lot and have come to realise how much we take them for granted. 

...not taken up beer drinking, even though it is the national past time here. The beer is very good though and if you offered me a weißbier I probably wouldn't say no! In fact if you offered me a dunkel I wouldn't say no either! I seem to have a thing for pretzel too! 

...discovered a love for schnitzel! Hmmm...

...discovered a love for the Austrian dessert salzburger nockerl...mmmmm, eggy sugary heaven! In fact, discovered a love for Salzburg. Ahhhh, the hills are alive....

...done my very best to help secure a bandaid over the ozone layer by not driving for the past 20 months (not owning a car can do that to you) and not using plastic shopping bags. There is a big push here to forgo the use of plastic shopping bags. At most shops you have to pay for them which I think is fantastic. I now take reusable shopping bags with me where ever I go. Yay for me!

(photo by envirosax )

...this is a growing list and one that I will add to over time....

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