09 March 2010

saying goodbye to winter...

I'm not 100% sure, but I think the worst of winter is over and I think that spring may in fact be in transit and due to arrive in about 6 weeks time - fingers crossed - give or take a week or 2. 

The snow has now melted and the temp is getting up to around 6°, although msn weather tells me that it actually feels like 0°, ahhh well, we are slowly getting there!  The night time temps are still dipping down into subzero but the days are not too bad. We even had sun ALL day yesterday. Rain today, so that sun seems again like a distant memory, but I know I will see it again soon(ish).

I am feeling so good about this winter weather that I feel it's safe to put away the heavy winter coat that makes me look like a big brown bear and go with the garden variety winter coat. This is just your regular below the knee black woollen one that I will be able to get away with wearing in the depths of Sydney's winter when we get home...at its coldest around 10°!  Well, I hope that having written what I just wrote I haven't jinxed the weather and we plummet back into subzero day time temps. 

I am the first to admit that I have become obsessed with the weather over the last 2 years, especially throughout winter and yes, I have been known to have a whinge about it on a regular basis (almost daily) on facebook. But hey, it's MY facebook page and I can say what I feel like...you don't have to read it if you don't want to. It's not rocket science! But anyway back to my obsession with the weather. So obsessed in fact that I have bookmarked several weather pages; the BBC (not too reliant), MSN weather, Wetter.de to name but a few!!  Which I spend a large portion of my day checking up on just to see if a miracle has occurred and the weather has improved!  Yes, call me mad if you like, but this is what a happens to you when you don't get your daily dose of sunshine!  You DO go mad!

Well, I wrote the above section of this post about a week ago.  And right now the temperature is currently around minus 10°. So yes, I think that I may indeed have jinxed the weather.  So sorry to all those that I have effected with my jinxing! Oh Dear! Back to the big heavy brown bear coat (I look a little like Bear from Bear in the Big Blue House).  Bah humbug! I am so over winter.  Please can it end soon.  Please.  One consolation along with the plummet back into sub zeros is that the sun is actually out for part of the day.  But still, even with the sun out, I am refusing to go out today. It's just too cold. I am tired with having to negotiate my way around the ice on the footpaths just so I can put fresh food on the table for dinner. Tonight, bad luck family, we are having whatever I can hunt and gather in the freezer and pantry! 

Just one more quick check of the weather web sites and I know that this time next week we are racing back up the thermometer to around 4°. Oh what joy! One more winter is about all I can take of this country. It may look beautiful and it may sound wonderful to live in Europe, but can I just remind you that its really VERY COLD. Have I mentioned that I'm not much of a winter girl? 

The sun might be out and the sky might be blue, but it is still FREEZING. How much longer can this winter last?

Rugged up!

You see, as I said, FREEZING! That's water coming out of a down pipe.

But there are signs that Spring is just around the corner, well I hope so anyway.

The fam, the city of Munich, the snow, the sun...beautiful but oh so cold (the snow not the fam, wait... oh yes they did claim to be freezing their butts off!)

The Bear in the Big Blue House - brown coat that I HATE with a passion! 

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