06 April 2010


Mirabell Gardens Salzburg, Spring 2009

There are so many things that I love about Salzburg, so I think it will feature quite a bit in my favourites. Munich is only about 2 hours from Salzburg, either by train or car. We go by train so as Matthew can enjoy the view as well. There is something about Salzburg that Munich does not have. I love that it sits astride the mighty Salzach river and is surrounded on all sides by alps. No matter what time of year you go there the scenery is always breathtaking. I love the centuries old cobblestone paths that meander through the old town, I love the shops, I love the huge and imposing Festung Hohensalzburg - the 900 year old fortress that sits above the city. And I love that the people are friendly - you can walk into a shop and be greeted with a welcoming ''Hallo'' whereas in Munich you are greeted with a gruff and icy cold ''Gruss Got''.  So much for customer service! 

This is the Mirabell Park and Gardens, featured in the movie The Sound of Music.  A lovely oasis of green in spring and summer where you can wander amongst statues of Greek gods and take time out to enjoy the view of the city - the Dom (cathedral) and the Fortress. I always look forward to a weekend in Salzburg - an escape from Munich for just a little while. 

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