27 April 2010


Lest We Forget

With Anzac Day on my mind, I thought I would add our photos of the Australian War Memorial at Hyde Park Corner, London.  The memorial is made from 200 tonnes of Western Australian green granite and was constructed in 11 months as a symbolic reference to the end of WWI - the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month. It was unveiled by the Queen and PM John Howard on November 11, 2003, 85 years after it was first suggested.  The main lettering on the memorial is a record of all the towns where the enlisted service personnel came from. There are over 24,000 towns and cities inscribed on the wall. Over 100,000 Australian troops died in WWI and WWII. Superimposed over the top of the names of the towns and cites are the names of 47 famous battles in which they fought. 

In the photo above, you can also see the Wellington Arch topped with the Angel of Peace.

Here is some more information about the Australian War Memorial at London's Hyde Park Corner. 

Hello Yass...a perfect photo op for our Great Piece of Yass bag.  There were too many names to check but we are sure Yass was on that wall somewhere. 

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