23 April 2010

hello spring...

Finally, finally, finally it feels like spring is really here. Still very cool in the mornings and most days not getting much above about 12°c requiring a coat, spring version, to be popped on before going out. Every other day the sun is putting in an appearance, which is SO nice.  Yesterday I spent a couple of hours out and about with Petra, my German tutor and friend. She took me on a grocery shopping adventure to find 'spelt' products. Known as 'dinkle' here in Germany, they are products made from the spelt grain. A little like wheat but slightly better for those on the allergic side of things (as we all seem to be in my household).  So I stocked up on pasta, noodles and flour.  I'm really lucky to have Petra to turn to when in need of some local information and especially to translate the details on flour packaging for me! I'd be lost without her.

After our grocery shopping adventure, Petra took me on a bit of a tour of her neighbourhood. It was really great to get out and see another part of Munich that I had yet to experience. She doesn't live far from me, about 10 mins by car, so on our way back to my place we stopped off at one of her favourite cafe's for coffee and kuchen (cake). Ruffini's is an institution in Munich and has been winning awards for their cakes for years. Petra said she has been coming to this cafe for over 20 years. It has a great open air roof top seating area, so we sat and soaked up some much needed sun and enjoyed a quiet chat over coffee and cake. A lovely way to spend a spring morning.

As for their award winning cakes, they need to meet my mum...now she could teach them a thing or two about cake baking! In their favour, they did serve their coffee with a side glass of water...the way it should be - perfect! I'm thinking I might head back to Ruffini's, well it is just down the road, to try out another one of their cakes. I'm sure to find one that I like. Here's to spring...

Ciao! Ciao!

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