10 May 2010


Some more photos from our long weekend in London...

After a quick flight and a little bit of Jo Malone onboard shopping with British Airways, by me - well you only turn 40 once and you have to make the most of it, we arrived late afternoon to a wet and grey London...

We stayed in Westminster near the London Eye and had a great view from our hotel room looking right up Westminster Bridge to the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben.

Matthew and Sean took a late evening stroll to take some photos of Westminster Abby. After getting caught in a downpour on our way to and from dinner, I was feeling a bit fluey so Emma and I stayed in and just enjoyed the view from our window.  

Sean was very excited to see a Star Wars Storm Trooper hanging around while we waited for our 'flight' on the London Eye. 

Queen Boudicca in her war chariot with her daughters leading an uprising against the Roman Empire, this statue is on the Victoria Embankment, Westminster Bridge. Although it was a mostly grey and wet weekend, there were moments when all of a sudden the clouds would clear and the sun and a big blue sky would appear, only to disappear just as quickly bringing more rain. The weather didn't dampen our spirits though, after all how many times will we have the chance to have a long weekend in London again!  

A War Memorial on Parliament Street/ Whitehall near Downing Street heading up to Trafalgar Square

We've managed to catch the changing of the Horseguards on both trips to London now, lucky chances. It only takes a few minutes for these guards to change but it is still full of pomp and ceremony.  Tourists be-warned do not get in their way, they will not stop for you to move out of the way and they are carrying very sharp swords that they swing as they march. Quite an impressive sight.  These guys are very serious, but so patient with tourists who want their photos taken with the guards and those big beautiful horses (note the sign warning that horses may bite...horses not so tolerant of tourists! Also note the horse is poking its tongue out at me!). The Horseguards building here on Whitehall is the home to the Household Cavalry whose duty it is to protect the Queen. 

Walking up Whitehall leads you to Trafalgar Square and Sean couldn't wait to climb the Lions again! 

Trafalgar Square and see the blue sky, previous photo with threatening dark grey sky - this photos was taken just minutes after the previous one. It was a funny day weather-wise, but a great day wandering around the streets of London.

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