19 June 2010

come out, come out wherever you are...

The week before last the sun came out for 3 days in a row. It was brilliant - literally!! And not to mention it did wonders for the severely deprived vitamin D levels. Everyone in Munich seemed to have their happy faces on, it was so nice - like a breath of fresh air really! 

The downside to those glorious 3 sunny days was the storm that followed the 'heat wave' and then a week of non stop rain. Another week of non stop rain, that is. We have had SO many of them and the forecast for this coming week is... you guessed it more rain. Happy faces have long gone now! 

Chris, Rowena and Bron are coming over for a visit in a few weeks and I can't wait! This will be their ''big'' overseas trip. I've promised her (promise, promise, promise, cross my heart) that we are saving the sun until she gets here. Well, that's what I'm hoping anyway. 

So, I have put up this photo of a gorgeous flower we found in Kensington Gardens during our summer holiday in the UK last year. It's to remind me that summer is coming and not to give up hope. The pink colour actually reminds me of mum. I like that. It's her favourite colour for lipstick and nail polish. Her brand of choice was always Revlon and so I have a special place in my heart for Revlon products. So, I'm about to pop out, with rain jacket and umbrella, to the shops to get myself some nail polish in this colour - to will summer here. Come on summer, you can do it. 

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