09 June 2010


Augsburg 2009
The writing above the door in the first photo is the Epiphany House Blessing: The Epiphany inscription is always the current year separated by “CMB,” the initials of Caspar, Melchior and Balthasar, the three wise men who traveled from the East to see the baby Jesus.  We loved the door in the second photo. It should have ''K-Pow!'' inscribed on it in a cartoon-like word bubble! The third photo was the iron gate and fence surrounding a rambling old garden within the city. 

Augsburg is a city to the north west of Munich, about an hour or so on the autobahn. It's the third largest city in Bavaria with a population of around 264,000 (Munich's population is around 1 million). It's a lovely city to visit with great streets to wander and look around the old buildings and churches. It has a very impressive Dom or Cathedral (will post a photo of the Dom next). 

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