14 July 2010


Paris - a view from the Eiffel Tower
Summer 2008

Paris from the Eiffel Tower - what a beautiful city. I love that all the buildings are white and around the same height as each other, in perfect harmony. When you looked down from the viewing platform on the Eiffel Tower you could see rows and rows of apartments with their blue sun umbrellas out on their balconies - it's that French chic. A flash of bright blue and an assortment of coloured flowers in bloom against the white buildings, so lovely! 

Unfortunately our computer crashed and took all of our photos from our first few months in Munich, including our summer road trip to Paris. But luckily I had posted most of the photos into Facebook photo albums, so we still have photos to go with our memories of Paris. Photos from Facebook don't copy too well, so they appear quite blurry.  I think blurry Paris photos are better than no Paris photos. 

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