17 January 2011

Spring already?

Well, I guess if winter hit early here in Munich then perhaps spring has sprung a wee bit early too...a girl can only hope and dream...

enjoying the sun from a 'feet up with cuppa' position

Oh blue sky! So nice to see you.

We had sun all day yesterday, unusual for this time of year, and it was bliss. Pure bliss. And guess what? It's out again today...I know...too much bliss all at once...I can hardly stand it...its wonderful!!  (I'm not a big fan of winter)

The only problem is that the below zero temps are heading back this way later in the week and now all these glorious spring blossoms that are starting to pop out are going to become very confused. This pic above with the beautiful blue sky in the background is the tangle of magnolia branches which are covered in buds. You can't quite see them in this photo (I was more interested in snapping that big blue sky) but they are there...fingers crossed we still get a good crop of flowers later in the season! 

Alison x


Victoria said...

Hi Alison. Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a lovely comment. Lucky you seeing some gorgeous blue sky. Its grey all the way here! I can only imagine how you'll be missing the wonderful Aussie weather (although so terrible with all the floods in Queensland). Very early budding of the magnolia tree (I do love these - and there are lots in our neighbourhood). Sadly the wind spoils the gorgeous flowers way too soon. I shall now go browsing in our blog. Catch up again soon.

Maxabella said...

You can't have Spring early, Alison! Because that would mean that our Summer will be coming to an end and we can't have that. Sorry about that.

I have a 'feet up cuppa' position too for a cup of mint green tea. I don't drink tea (rarely) or coffee (never).

I really, really hope you link up on Grateful Saturday!! x

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

We've had blue skies and sun here today. Hoooray! It's still feeling cold but the buds are forming. Wooooh!!

Lucky you, having a magnolia tree. I'd love one in our garden but it's fairly narrow and magnolias are pretty wide, I think....so I'm still hesitating!

I can't wait for spring either. It's my favourite time of year.