27 January 2011

a winter haiku...

Winter air
thick as branches

Jane Reichhold

found at Daily Haiku

4 months of winter down, 2 to go. We've just come out of the coldest part, the days are getting longer and lighter. 2 minutes and 41 seconds more daylight today than yesterday & it's no longer dark when I wait for the school bus in the evenings...this makes me happy. 
Almost there.

Alison x

pics taken yesterday, Australia Day on the cold side of the world


Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

I love that Haiku. Thick winter air sounds like a perfect description.

Your son looks like a complete whizz with the computer. I wouldn't have a clue to bring out the yellow. Is it done on Photoshop?


Alison said...

Hello lovely Sarah, are your enjoying your days getting that little bit longer & lighter just as much as I am? Hope so. I'm so pleased I discovered your blog...so much kitchen gazing going on here now!

Sean does seem to have this knack with all things photographic, he has somehow figured out a colour setting on the camera that gives this effect...he said to me, 'I'll teach you the ways of the camera mum''!! So I'm waiting for my lesson. Bless him, he's only 9! : )

Miss Sew & So said...

almost there sweetie!
we have almost got through another winter!!

i have bulbs coming up in my garden which is sooo exciting- the countdown has begun....
mind you, i still walked the kids to school in just above zero!

have a wonderful weekend...bet you were thinking of bbq-ued prawns and mangoes on australia day too!!

melissa xx

ps gorgeous photos!!!

The Moerks said...

Gorgeous photos. I can't believe you are freezing over there and we are sweltering over here.
Please tell Sean, I love his work. Deb

lisaroyhandbags said...

It's always nice when we turn that corner! Love the haiku and gorgeous pics! :)