15 February 2011

7 things making me smile...

7 random photos that are making me smile...

Sean in friend heaven...if only these visitors from home could have stayed forever!
Enjoying popcorn and Bear Grylls

My Em geared up for...

cycling through the city

On the train to Salzburg

Sean finds a cardboard friend at the Sacher Torte cafe in Salzburg

I'm in love with this ring...I just go to Salzburg to try it on! 

Sparkles...oh so pretty! Every girl needs a mini disco ball : )

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Anne said...

Just found your blog (I was struck by its title, in the comments to Sarah's Modern Country Style post...) how wonderful for you to be living in Munich for a while,and especially for your children! I was an Army brat and am so grateful I had the chance to live in different countries -- plus southern Germany is gorgeous-- one of our favorite cities!