05 February 2011

me and my weekend...

So... the weekend again, yeah! Just wanted to share a few things we are going to get up to this weekend. Hopefully. Matthew is taking Seanie out to the school (Bavarian International School) to spend a couple of hours playing cricket...his love and joy! Thank goodness for some wonderful parents who thought it would be a good idea to get together every other weekend to have a bit of fun...not too much cricket played in Germany as you would imagine...and as Sean said when we first arrived, ''That's just NOT cricket''.  Here's my little tiger in action from last time they got together - before Christmas...it's been a long time between wickets!

While we have a hire car for the weekend, we though we'd take a trip to Ikea and pick up a few bits and pieces. Have a look at kitchen ideas, for our much anticipated kitchen reno when we get home, have a look at beds and new 'things' for Emma's ''teenage (almost, but not quite) bedroom makeover'' when we get home. She has already spied this online this morning...pretty, I'm liking it.

And I thought perhaps at some stage I might consider making this cake for the fam for that ''V'' Day, which is just around the corner if you hadn't noticed. Although, it looks like something not for the faint hearted in the kitchen (that'd be me, faint hearted that is)...so I may study the instructions a bit longer and contemplate it a bit more!! 

Found here at I am baker

Also looking forward to my night off cooking with my Saturday Night Chef and his home made pizza for dinner...mmmm....yum! I love having a night off cooking, I appreciate it soooo much. And he makes a damn fine pizza too!

I was hoping that a cool change had come through for you guys sweltering at home...but Emma just checked the weather and is telling me that it was 41°c in Sydney today...ugh! Sorry to hear that. Maybe a cocktail is in order (no not at 10am - wait until appropriate cocktail hour, please). I saw this recipe the other day, apparently it's Oprah's favourite! Yes, please...looks good to me! 

And did you notice that I had to change the cold winter header pic to a nice warm sunny one, just to cheer myself up. My little babes, from a few years back now, but one of my faves - think I'll change it on a regular basis now, just to rotate all the wonderful pics we have : ) 

Happy Saturday to you, 
love Alison x

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