18 February 2011

Paris, the city of love...favourite memories of our road trips

I am now seriously counting down the weeks left until we move home. We are down to 14 and a half weeks...wow... I know, I can't believe it! This time is going to go soooo fast! And with that in mind I thought I should make the most of the time I have now and put together a little journal looking back over our holiday road trips in Europe.

Paris was our first holiday. We had only just arrived in Munich, summer 2008... I think we had been here for about 6 weeks. So we were still suffering terribly from culture shock. A summer road trip was in order. We needed to escape Germany for a little bit of French style and culture. Oui!

So we packed up our hire car and took our first adventure on the autobahn and across the border into France. Matthew was in driving heaven...a mercedes on the autobahn...oh yeah! (oh and don't get too excited, mercedes are just the regular kind of car here...the garden variety!)

Paris welcomed us with a summer heat wave. It was hot, humid and stinky! But still, we were in the city of love and the city of lights. Excited? Very! And by far the fondest memory of our trip to Paris was our first 'out and about-getting to know the city-excursion on foot'. We set off from the Opera House to find the Eiffel tower, thinking surely it couldn't be that far...we could see it off in the distance. I think we walked for hours and hours and hours!

And even though we stood in line for 3 hours to get to the top, it was the the height of summer and peak tourist season (and one of the lifts broke down), it was well worth it once we were there. What a sight. Magnifique! While we were on the viewing platform Emma and Sean spied what looked to them like a swimming pool not far from the Tower, so as soon as we got to the bottom it was a race to get to the ''pool''.

Of-course it wasn't a pool, but in fact the Trocadero Fountain. I absolutely love these photos of them cooling off in the fountain. I think it was the highlight of the trip...they had so much fun. Taking a dip in the Trocadero Fountain, not too many Aussie kids get to do that on a summer holiday. How lucky are these kids!

My Paris song - Sebastien Tellier - La Ritournelle (Mr Dan's Mix)

This was the song that was playing at the cafe on the Eiffel Tower when we popped in for a champers on our way back down from the viewing platform. I know...a champaign at the Eiffel Tower...be still my beating heart! It's almost too much joy for this little country chick to bear ; )  
So now, I  this song! It will always be my Eiffel Tower song. Is that special? Oui! 

Our next road trip was our Christmas holiday to Rome. Very special. I have some wonderful memories to share. 

Al x


Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

This sounds like such a lovely family time. I'm ashamed to say I've not yet taken our four littlies abraod yet. Well, does Wales count?!!!


Alison said...

It was a lotta fun Sarah! I hadn't stepped foot outside of Australia before coming to live in Munich for 3 yrs. So i know exactly what you mean. xx

Victoria said...

Fabulous memories and how wonderful to have take a dip in the 'pool' by the Eiffel Tower!

Maxabella said...

Divine! The sight of two happy faces splashing away in that famous fountain is just a delight!

Can't wait for Rome!! x

Diana Mieczan said...

Sounds fantastic and the photos are so lovely:) So you are moving back home for good? Kisses, my dear

Alison said...

Hi Diana...yes moving back home for gooood!! Yay!!...I'm not good at this whole expat life thing. It has been a wonderful experience for 3 years, but It's way too transitionary for my liking... I need to be 'home' and desperately need some sun ; )