25 March 2011

a few favourite memories from Rome...

Taking in the many, many layers of the Roman Forum with the Palatine Hill in the background, December 2008.

 The kiddo's and I marvelling at the age of these paving stones. Wondering how many hundreds of thousands of people have walked over these stones during their history. Absolutely amazing. 

 What a sight!  So many ancient layers from so many periods in time during the dramatic history of Rome. Excavation work is still in progress and they make new discoveries every day. Wow! So much to take in. What an awe-inspiring city. 

 Look at the size of this temple. Huuuuge!

The last piece of marble left on the temple.

Marble columns still standing strong.

The Roman Forum, the ruins of ancient government buildings and what was the most important market place in the city of Rome, with the Palatine Hill, one of the most ancient parts of the city, in the background. Absolutely fascinating stuff and a great start to our tour of Rome in December 2008!
More pics from this adventure to come. I'm just having trouble choosing what ones to post, we had such an amazing time in Rome for Christmas 2008.

We have a lovely sunny day today here in Munich, finally some spring weather, fantastic! A busy weekend ahead, well a busy Saturday, with some cricket at school for the kids in the morning, another very quick trip to Salzburg and a trip to Ikea (I do love a good trip to Ikea!) for storage ideas and to look at a new bed for Em, as she seems to have grown out of her current bed! How can an 11 year old grow out of her bed? I don't know, she is just growing like a weed!!

Wishing you a good weekend too, hopefully with some sun and some fun!

Love from me. xx

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Diana Mieczan said...

That temple is so amazing and so big..Your photos are always beautiful! Have a great time in Salzburg and Ikea. I love Ikea shopping and I could spend hours checking out all the cool stuff there:)
Happy Saturday, my dear