07 March 2011

a few favourites from Rome...

The kiddos are home from school this week - mid term break or something like that. I love having their company...even though they have done nothing but eat all morning...how can two kids eat so much!

I'm going through our photos from Christmas in Rome 2008...there are so, so many I want to share so I thought I'd pop a few up today just to get into the swing of all things Roma...

The courtyard of the apartment building we stayed in - one of the apartments was being renovated...look at those slabs of white marble in the background...ohhhh so lucky! 

Just in front of our apartment building, Piazza San Giovanni

Three coins into the Trevi 

One of the many amazing fountains in one of the many piazzas we walked through,
 this one was just near our apartment

Ok, so Emma is complaining that lunch is taking too long...back to the kitchen for me...then lots of time outside this afternoon...I think we'll need to walk off some of this food. And it's only day one of school holidays!

Alison  x


Diana Mieczan said...

Aww I love Rome and those photos are so beautiful. Have a fantastic day with your kids and enjoy your lunch:) Muah

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

HI lovely,

I'm feeling more and more uncultured as I read more of your awesome posts!!

In fact, we're looking into going abroad this summer...and all thanks to you giving me itchy feet!


Alison said...

Muah! To you lovely ladies too : ) I hope both have a fantastic week. We had a great walk after lunch, skimming stones on the frozen canal, the sun was out but the wind was icy! Now the kids are more ravenous than ever!!
So glad to have inspired your travel Miss Sarah...I'm looking forward to hearing about it on your blog...maybe one day a trip down under ; )

Alison xxoo

Diana Mieczan said...

Ps: I’m hosting a charming jewelry GIVEAWAY today! Hope you’ll join in:)

Have a relaxing evening:) Kisses

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

Oooh, I'd love to go Down Under (can't say that without thinking of watching Neighbours when I was little). It's all the travelling that puts me off. If I could just be transported with my family straight there without the palaver of the airports then I'd do it tomorroow, I think.


Alison said...

...hahaha Neighbours - so funny!! I guess that could explain why so many people have a funny view about all things Australian!! ; ) Neighbours have a lot to answer for! Yes, totally agree the flights are exhausting, why does such a beautiful country like Australia have to be so far away? But believe me, it's worth the long haul flights : ) Have a great weekend xx

Diana - that jewellery on your giveaway is sooooo cute! Love the fabric brooches, they are my big thing at the moment. xx