21 March 2011

Well, hello spring...and a glimpse into my girl's world...

Hello spring! The sun was out on Sunday so that means getting out and getting as much vitamin D as we possibly can - it really does make a huge difference to your mood - quite amazing really. We took a stroll around the neighbourhood before Matthew had to take off for a few days for a work conference. 

Plus today, a little glimpse into my girl's day....

This morning this is what greeted me in the bathroom, Em's little collection of essentials - the 3 basics...mascara, lip balm and a splash of colour on the nails...oh boy, this is how I know she is growing up too quickly!

a little sneak peak into her world...so much colour and inspiration...

Love that kid!!

We have the 'sun symbol' appearing on the weather website for Munich every day this week - pure bliss, and about time too! Sorry to hear that you are getting so much rain in Sydney, but it will make the garden so lush and green for our arrival home! Hope you have a great week. 

Alison  x


Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

Hi Alison,

I love the stage in children's lives when they are half-gorwn up and have still little. Your daughter's room reminds me of that. So sweet!!

When are you going back to Austalia? I gather it will be when you have visited every country in the world. :-)


Alison said...

hello gorgeous sarah,

that is exactly the feeling you get when you step foot in Emma's room...she is trying so hard to be grown up and i so don't want her to be!! i want my baby girl for ever!!

we have 10 weeks left in europe. then home and I think I'll combine my blogs (as there won't be a lot of travelling involved from then on!) - roll them all into one and do posts from the 'burbs of sydney...try to temp you over for a visit to our sunny shores!!

Alison xx

Punctuation Mark said...

that looks like such a nice walk... the spring flowers are my favorite part of the season

The Moerks said...

That European light is so different from ours. Your spring gain brings our Autumn and I don't like being cold.