04 April 2011

Hello & sharing a link or two...

The stats button on my blog tells me that I've been getting loads of traffic from Germany over the past week, 12 page views today in-fact. That is huge for my little blog! So I just wanted to say a BIG hello to you all, and well, a big hello to everyone really! Hello, to that one person from Denmark who viewed my blog. Denmark, oh how I would have loved to fit in a visit to Copenhagen - but budget & time constraints ruled that trip out.  One day, maybe.

I know I gave my blog address to a select one or 2 mums from the international school (BIS), so if you are one of those ladies...hello!! Even if you have just stumbled upon my blog by accident while googling... hello to you too!

If you've found my blog interesting at all (even in the slightest tiniest bit!!), or if some of the places we have visited have inspired you (even in the slightest tiniest bit) please drop me a line and say g'day and let me know. I'd love to hear from you : )   You can comment here on the blog or you could email me, you'll find the email address in the right hand column.

I wanted to share a delicious link I discovered today at Nowness via Maggie Alderson. I've also shared a Maggie link here on my 'other blog' (I think I'll combine all my blogs, I'm a bit of a blog hog!).  I just had to share this, how could I not! How wonderful are these women? So much colour. So much expression in what they wear. So much life. So much fabulous.

'I wanna be like this when I grow up' too!!

And if you can cope with some more deliciousness, pop by bellaMUMMA for some lovely home inspiration. I love this first photo... oh-so-breezy, open & casual - just the way I like a home to be!


Alison xx

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