16 August 2011


...adding a few kitchen pics to the file... matt** white or high gloss white, this is the question i'm currently pondering. 

pics from here, here, a few from here and here

And in an attempt to combine my Lovely Things blog with this one, my other kitchen files are here.

(** just realised my freudian slip - put matt instead of matte!! matt = my husband who prefers the matte white over the high gloss white..funny, funny, funny !! xx)


PinkPatentMaryJanes said...

Oooh, I'm torn too. I've always thought I'd want matte white, but oh, those glossy images have pulled at my heartstrings...

Anonymous said...

i am a matte fan and these kitchen spaces are divine. i can only imagine all the baking i could do!! very nice.

Sandrine said...

I am glad I am not the only one that create a new set of vocabulary :)Lately my brain must be struggling and I am just making up some new words :)lol
A white kitchen is so full of lovely vibes!Have fun :) x

alison said...

Thanks ladies...I was all for high gloss to reflect lots of light and make the room seem bigger and brighter. But now I'm thinking it will 'age' too quickly. Matte seems like a much better option.

Sandrine, funny how the brain works isn't it !! I'm often making up words - the kids think it's hilarious ; )