23 September 2011


Today with the weather all gorgeous and summery I'm dreaming of our last summer holiday. In August last year we had the best summer holiday of our lives...well hopefully the kids will go on to have many more wonderful memorable holidays...but for Matthew and I it was the bestest ever! 

The Cote d'Azur...French Riviera : does it get any better?

enjoying dinner with a view to the Cote d'Azur...lucky little devils!

view from our apartment 
happy as

the marina in Cannes

the closest thing we got to boating in Cannes! 

on THE red carpet... oh  my !!! 

hello little french macaroons...oui oui! 

the stunning Esterels 

the kids swimming in the Mediterranean in Monaco...as you do ; ) 

bliss, bliss, bliss....pure bliss 

the best summer holiday ever

ps...having said it was the best summer holiday ever, I am really, really looking forward to spending time on the NSW Cote d'Azur...perhaps a little holiday at Nelson Bay for us this summer would go down a treat. Yes, yes I think it would. xx


Anonymous said...

this is spectacular. you know how much i love seeing photos of your holiday. what a gorgeous place. just like in the magazines! and nelson bay, not far from where i live. we often go there for a sunday drive and have lunch. beautiful. you can also head to many of the beaches around there that are not heavily populated. it makes you feel so good.

PinkPatentMaryJanes said...

Stunning, just stunning. Hope Nelson Bay lives up to it!

Anonymous said...

your kids are so lucky. that water is divine. yes... i am back again. trying to send you an email re a book you may like to read. i have a copy happy to share. The Butterfly Effect by Dannielle Miller (a positive approach to raising happy confident teen girls). Let me know if this takes your fancy. Hugs, Veronica.xx

Home is where the ❤ is said...

Snap Veronica!! How about this...we are so on the same track!! I only just discovered Dannielle Miller the other day : ) Thanks for the tip though, keep them coming my love. And lovely to have you back again ; ) xx

Anonymous said...

she is a pretty amazing lady. i have her book and wasn't sure if you had a copy. happy to send it your way if you like for a read. i would love to go along to one of her talks one day. i am definitely following this through as penny gets older. have a lovely weekend. i am off to have a cuppa. looks like we may get some rain. the boys will be disappointed. they are off to the go kart track (like most weekends) - they are in a club and love it!

Sandrine said...

Yes another beautiful place on earth I feel so proud that it is "home" for me :) So funny and timely that I just fell in love with the NSW coast and Sydney :) "Les grands esprits se rencontrent... we say"OH we missed Nelson Bay...hmmm we missed quite a lot so we will have to do that beautiful trip again!
PS: Thanks for your sweet and wise words...good idea!

alison said...

Sandrine, I love your French saying, so true! And I'm thinking that our version of the Cote d'Azur won't be the same as the beautiful French one, but ..as they say...c'est la vie!! I have wonderful memories. xx