15 September 2011

R U Ok?

Being R U Ok day, I wanted to share a link I just discovered via mamamia about depression.

I can't: this is what depression feels like. 

Ever felt it? I can't sums it up pretty well I think.

This is a great read by Heather Armstrong (just by the way...isn't she gorgeous, and her blog is great. i love her daily photos like this one and this one. sorry i got side-tracked by my new girl crush).

What a great reminder R U Ok day is, just to take time out in our day and check in with someone, say hi and ask them if they are ok. For me, depression is in my genes, so I know how some days you really do feel "I can't....I just can't" coming on loud and strong. Some days are a huge, huge struggle. But some days, most days are great.

So, How are you? R U ok? Feel like a cuppa?

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amberlee said...

So true, i get my fair share of these moments lately. When one thing is bad and stressful it automatically pours over onto the rest of my life. I have been struggling the last few days, but i will be ok. I can do it! Hope you are ok too xx