07 September 2011


Our bush garden in desperate need of some TLC! 
Where to start, is the question? 

We are calling in the help of a local landscaper. I'm really looking forward to getting her advice and design ideas, especially what to do with the 'back garden' (in the pic above), it's a terraced jungle down there at the moment! But we did manage to find the 'path' on the weekend...thanks to the kids doing a bit of weeding and sweeping!



Leese said...

It will be intersting to see what the landscaper comes up with! Make sure you post some photos as it progress's! The plant in my WW post today was just a plain ordinary Hebe. Well I think thats what it's called, that what we call it anyway!
Hope you have a great day! Leese x

Anonymous said...

i'd be calling in the helpers too. wow. where would you start. look forward to seeing what comes of it. i do like that jungle look though. probably not ideal for a back yard though. have a lovely day alison.

Sandrine said...

I can hear your pain but so exciting to get someone to help out!!