28 November 2011

for sale

It's been a HUGE year. Huge! So much has happened and my goodness me (!) big decisions don't come easily do they. Our latest has been a doosey...do we renovate or do we sell and buy a bigger home? For the past few months we've put a lot of thought and energy into deciding what to do. Even though there are so many pluses about where we live: the serene bush views, the peaceful location hidden away at the end of a private, quite little cul-de-sac, friendly neighbours and great kids for Em and Sean to play with... oh dear it really will be a sad parting!

But we decided that putting so much money into renos, even though it would give us a beautiful home, with a new kitchen and bathroom, would still not give us a bigger floor plan with more space for our growing kids...so we are for sale! And boy is it a stressful time! Keeping the house clutter free and neat and tidy...ugh! Fingers crossed for a quick sale.

These are some of the marketing pics, they made me de-clutter to within and inch of my life...in fact there is no life left in my home!

And here is a little sneak peak at our new home...this will be my new spot to enjoy a quiet evening vino at the end of a long day...

nice : ) can't wait to move in! 


Leese said...

Fingers crossed for a quick sale for you & that you are in your new home soon! :)

Home is where the ❤ is said...

Thanks Leese! Alison xxoo

Anonymous said...

it looks so peaceful alison. i agree...great spot to enjoy an afternoon drink (or two!). hope the house sells soon for you. i love all the trees around. xo.