01 December 2011


This is one of my favourite snaps that Matthew took of our street, the one we lived in in Munich, Volkartstrasse. I love that time of the evening, the blue hour. Especially towards the end of spring when the evening air is just starting to warm up. Nice.


Anonymous said...

it is beautiful. looks like a scene from a movie. hope your day is good. xo.

Mama of 2 boys said...

Oh how I love the symmetry of this shot Alison, it's beautiful! Just an all round stunning photograph. I really enjoy seeing your pics from all these gorgeous places overseas. Having never been outside of Australia myself, it is quite the treat to be taken there through your experiences :o) xo

Home is where the ❤ is said...

Thanks girls, you can see why it's one of my favourites can't you : ) Julie, so glad that you can enjoy our pics too, before we moved OS for 3 years I'd only ever been outside of NSW twice in my life !! Girls, your comments are always, always appreciated. alison x