29 December 2011

the past few weeks in pictures...

and a few words...

from Christmas to pre-Christmas with love

Christmas Day...finally some sun!

merry christmas from my babies

Em leading us up the garden path! 

enjoying the most relaxed christmas our little family has ever had...
no travelling, just us...nice, very nice

happy anniversary baby (got those peonies that never thought i would)

the end of primary school for my big girl

celebrating (anniversaries and graduations) at our local Thai restaurant

a cheesy grin self portrait

another self portrait...a girl and her blue shoes

kicking back at Issy's birthday party

happy birthday gorgeous girl

the birthday girl and the proud mamma 

so pretty

cranky pants

pulling into the quay

taking a pre Christmas stroll through the city 

the beautiful sparkly Swarovsky Chrissy tree in the Queen Vic

waiting for the fireworks at Darling Harbour


sparkly lights : love this city : ) 

happy holidays 

and ps...I think we've sold the house..fingers crossed

* thank you to Em for the photos xxoo


PinkPatentMaryJanes said...

Goodness, looks like we shared a few milestones together: anniversary, peonies, gal's last day of primary school...

Loved looking at all your beautiful photos - felt like I was right there alongside you, with a big smile x

alison said...

Thank you! And yes, can't believe my big girl is starting that new chapter of life... the teenage years...yikes! I'm sure you're feeling the same : )