17 January 2012


you know when it all seems just that little bit too hard
when you look around the house and see all of those jobs that need to be done, that you've put off again and again
when the kids seem to have been at each other for hours...niggling each other relentlessly
 when the clock is ticking faster and faster towards 6pm and you don't have the energy to even give dinner a thought...

sometimes it can be the little things that can give you a huge boost
the 'vintage' champagne glass that came from my mum's house will always make me smile, 
picked up on our last visit home, a little memento of her
filled to the brim with delicious sparking gold bubbles all the way from the bottom of stem (oh so chic!)...

a little aperitif and a quiet moment thinking about mum
yes, feeling much better now...
ready to take it all on

ps. "it's all g" as Emma would say : ) 
g as in good ; )  


Mama of 2 boys said...

Oh yes, I get this post Alison, on so many levels. Sometimes it is hard isn't it!?
Gorgeous glass and the bubbles, just delightful! :o)
Hugs for a better tomorrow xo

Anonymous said...

hi alison
i have had many of these moments and a quiet moment thinking about your mum is always necessary. the dinner can wait :)
hugs from me too

ps: love your photos. the champagne looks chilled to perfection.

dear olive said...

Champagne! Yesssss! Kellie xx