29 February 2012

the everyday

i've been working on a little project today

putting together some of my favourite snaps from our holidays while we were living in germany

i'm still trying to figure out where to put our prints, photos and paintings on the walls in our new home...it's a work in progress

here's a little glimpse into a few of those snaps (photos of photos...yes i know, that's a bit crazy!)...

i've used a processing tool called toy camera... 

i'm loving the dark & grainy colours, they almost look a little bit like old magazine photos...kind of cute i think! (although, they're not as dark as they look here)

speaking of dark, it's a dark and gloomy day here today...after yesterday's hottest day in ages, today it's grey and rainy (and tomorrow it's autumn...how did that happen...i'm still waiting patiently for summer to arrive)

i've got my tiger home from school today, he's been up all night with 'the vomits'...ugh...there's not much worse than 'the vomits'...well, there is a lot worse but when you're sleep deprived from staying up all night with a child who has 'the vomits', that's just the way it seems

anyhoo he seems to have turned the corner now...thank goodness...and is feeling a lot better...has just asked if he can play xbox! ha! the cheek of it all...

so i think a little nana nap is in order right now and i'm sad to say my tummy is getting that yuck feeling! 
U G H !! the vomits..that's all i need! 

oh well...c'est la vie  

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Mama of 2 boys said...

Such delightful images Alison and a beautiful way to present them, nice to have them there on the wall where you can walk past every day and be reminded of your adventures. The weather has been the pits today, really great way to send off Summer.
Your poor boy and poor YOU, I do hope everyone gets a more decent night's sleep tonight xo