24 March 2012

home : outdoor room inspiration

images via pinterest

We were planning on decking as the flooring option for our 'outdoor room'. It's only a small step down from the house to the courtyard and we thought we'd give it that flow-through kind of feel straight from the house to the outdoor area by putting in a low deck. It would be like and extension of living space and an extension of the timber flooring from inside to outside.

But now I'm focussing on paving. After a visit from the termite inspector yesterday who said "No, no, no! No way!" to adding decking to our house. We live too close to the bush and have too many trees around the house that attract termites - we don't want to invite them to eat our decking and then move on to feasting on our house! We could of-course just go ahead and put the decking in, but then we have very little air flow underneath - not a good thing to do as termites love a damp environment and it would also mean no easy access for our annual termite treatments.

Stupid termites have ruined my plans!! How can such a tiny creature have so much power over my house plans!

So now I'm sticking to paved options and searching for paved outdoor areas for inspiration. It will still look great I'm sure : )


Mama of 2 boys said...

Oh termites are a complete disaster, the little blighters almost ruined our dreams for our current place too. But after some extensive (costly) inspections, we were ok to purchase. That being said, I agree that limiting the spots they can attack is the best way to go. LOVE the idea of an outdoor room, these images are just gorgeous. Paving will look lovely too, just gives you a different look to work towards xo

Melissa said...

We have an outdoor room Alison- and we live there most of the year- thanks to the weather we have here! You'll love what ever you end up with as it will just open up your house in a whole new way!

Enjoy the process- and how you liking being home in Oz??

Melissa x