19 April 2012

Easter road trip

Good Friday saw us taking a road trip home to Southern New South Wales for some family time. It was a time of catching up with my sisters and also a time of making some tough decisions about our family home. Bitter sweet really.

We so don't want to sell the home we grew up in, but it's been almost 12 months since mum's passing and we really need to finally come to terms with our loss and grief and move forward. Selling the house will be a major step. We don't want to, but we know we have to. 

The next step is to have a clearing sale (in a few months) and then we can procrastinate over Winter - not a good time to sell. Hopefully by Spring we have come up with some plans as to what we could do with the house...a B&B perhaps! That way we keep it in the family. Anyhoo...lots of thinking to do.

Here are a few (!) pics from our week at home in the country...

Easter traffic leaving Sydney, not too bad so far! 
I haven't seen this country side looking so green for years, so nice to see.
Some amazing light coming through the clouds. Had to take a series of snaps...

A quick pit stop to keep the driver happy! 

The "wind farms" near Goulburn, almost home now.

I absolutely love seeing these golden fields. I know I'm home. 

Reading to mum! Got to keep up with the "Premier's Reading Challenge", even on holidays! 

Taking a stroll into town.

Walking down the path that this little guy's dad and I walked down many a time
hand in hand as high school sweethearts! 

Crossing the river and discovering a modern take on some aboriginal art.

Loving this glorious Autumn day.

Pointing out our beautiful architecture along the way....and giving a history lesson or two! 

My street! The street I grew up in. 

The gorgeous little chapel that I was married in. 

My girl, pretty excited to have found a "boom box" in the treasures
we cleaned out at Grandma's house! 

Also rocking her Aunty Lynne's naughty shorties found in a wardrobe from circa 1983! 

Little cousins, so sweet. 

"The Man Clan" as they became known, after a hard day's Working Bee in Grandma's house & garden.

Good morning sleepy heads! Easter morning and chocolate overload! 

The old Methodist Church next door. 

Enjoying the spoils of the Easter Egg hunt. 

"The Eggsplosion"! 

Some vintage finds from Grandma's haydays! 

Giving the "vintage finds" a good airing! 

Oh my goodness, we found my mum's wedding dress! 

The garden in need of some TLC. 

Taking the golf buggy for a spin around the paddocks! 

The bonfire.

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Mama of 2 boys said...

Gotta love a road trip and oh my, what a special Easter break it looks like you had. Loving all those vintage clothing finds... and your Mum's wedding dress, now that is just beautiful. What a gorgeous place your hometown looks to be. The shot of your highschool sweetheart trail made me smile, what a delightful memory. The pics of the sun through the clouds are also amazing. Really enjoyed that series of shots Alison xo