09 May 2012


taking a walk in the sunshine

i let my baby girl have a mental health day yesterday

she's been having a really tough time at school 

high school started off so well, she loved it, especially loving the whole feeling of independence and growing up

and then it all came crashing down 

girls can be so, so cruel to each other

and it is so heartbreaking to watch my beautiful girl struggle with the emotional roller-coaster that life has become

after a pretty scary sunday afternoon spent in hospital dealing with a panic attack and hyperventilation,
we are taking things easy

if it all gets too much we stop and sort through the pain and emotions and if that means taking a day off school to stop and smell the roses, then so be it

life isn't meant to be this hard at 13

and life can be way too short

so lets embrace all the positives we can

love you my baby girl, big hugs xoxoxo


Mama of 2 boys said...

Oh Alison, I am so sorry to read of the pain your lovely girl is going through right now. You are spot on, teenage girls can be the worst. I went through a terrible time in year 9 and part of year 10. Such a tumultuous period of a girl's life.
It must be the hardest thing in the world to watch your own baby going through that. I'd be beside myself.
All you can do is be there though and keep reassuring her that things will get better and to rise above the bitchiness, because in the end, none of it (or the mean girls) matters.
Hugs to you Alison xo

alison said...

Thank you Julie for your kind words, it's such a tough time to get through and you are so right, you can only be there for them, validate their feelings and assure them that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Big hugs to you. xo