29 May 2012

This time last year

It's a stunning time of year in Europe right now. The spring blossoms are disappearing and summer greenery pops out, seemingly, overnight. After those long, dark and cold winters it's so wonderful to see the sun, blue sky and the trees with lush greenness on them. 

This time last year I was taking a final wander around our neighbourhood, snapping some pics for us to look back at and remember all the wonderful architecture we had around us.  

Can't believe it's almost been 12 months since we've been home. Time sure does fly! 


Anonymous said...

its breathtaking alison. what a beautiful part of the world. i think i would miss this a little after being there so long. those homes are magnificent. the place looks so clean and neat. i am still dreaming of all the travel I will get to one day. xo

Mama of 2 boys said...

WOW! It must be almost 12 months that I have been following your blog for Alison, as I remember joining in when you were making the big move back to Aus.
Love these photos, what a gorgeous part of the world you were living in. I'm sure looking at these brings back all kinds of nostalgia xo