22 July 2012

Home : Garden makeover

We've just transformed our courtyard style back garden from bland to grand, drab to fab and I'm so excited with it!

We knew that it could be turned into a really good looking space to relax and enjoy our little piece of the great outdoors. We just had to find a landscaper who shared our vision and one that shared the vision within our budget. 

I knew that once we got rid of that hedge that was blocking out so much light, the dated federation red pergola and most of the bland grey pavers and replaced them with a some turf, a deck and lots of lush green plants it would look pretty special and so much more appealing...

...pretty special right? I couldn't be happier : ) 

We did a lot of the prep work ourselves and then called on the creative and very talented Jules from Tree Of Life Landscapes who took our sketches and made it all come to life! 

If you happen to be looking for a landscaper in Sydney then I couldn't recommend Jules and his team highly enough. 

And really, the results speak for themselves. 

See, I told you...drab to fabbo! 

We've got a bit more tweaking to do, like paint the fence, take down the curiously placed lattice (still trying to figure out why it's there) and I have to try to talk the hubster into a new table & chairs & nice big market umbrella. We thought about selling the spa but the kids are looking forward to using it as a plunge pool now that their back garden looks so much more inviting!  

Now to do a little online browsing for some new all-weather outdoor furniture! 


Mama of 2 boys said...

Oh WOW Alison! It looks incredible, what a beautiful transformation. I was so excited looking through those pics, I always love a before and after shoot. So much inspiration in there for me too, as I'd love to completely re-do our courtyard and like yourself with your courtyard, I KNOW it has much more potential than is currently being utilised. Enjoy that gorgeous new space of yours... and all that lovely sunshine! xo

Sandrine said...

Oh my goodness Alison what a beautiful job! Well done xx