01 June 2010


Help! I have searched ALL day (and by all day, I mean ALL day) on the internet to find this picture, but to no avail : (

I saw it this morning on a blog here and it really appealed to me.  I have left a message with Chantelle the lovely blog owner of 'fat mum slim' and I'm hoping that when she has the chance she might get back to me and let me know where she sourced her photo from. Fingers crossed.

If anyone knows of an online market/seller who does this kind of wall hanging/sign, please,please, please get in touch with me. I am DESPERATE for one. It is just so cute. I MUST have one!

thank you

alison xxoo   : )

June 6 - Well, after days and days of searching ....  FOUND IT  - here !!!! Now the challenge is to get one!!

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