20 July 2010

the summer road trip...

We are all getting pretty excited here. We head off for our annual summer road trip this Thursday (well, for the past 3 years it has been an annual event). As this will be our last summer here in Europe we are taking 2 weeks to see as much as we possibly can while Matthew has leave.

First stop is Bern, in Switzerland for one night. It takes about 5 hours to drive there from Munich so we figure that will give us enough time to get there and be able to have a good look around the city, then have dinner, stay over night and head off for France the next day.

Second overnight stop is in Lyon. It's about another 4 or 5 hour drive from Bern.

From Lyon we head down south into the French Riviera. We have an apartment booked in a town called Theoule sur Mer, a small fishing village just outside Cannes, so we are hoping to avoid a lot of the tourists and hustle and bustle in Cannes, but still have a base close enough to join in all the action of it all if we want. We'll also be able to do day trips to the surrounding Riviera and Provence areas.

After a week of much needed R&R in Theoule (never thought I'd be spending a week of R&R on the French Riviera!) we will head up the coast of France into Italy and spend 2 nights in Milan and then head further north and spend 2 nights in Venice before driving back into Germany and home to Munich.

So much to see and do in 2 weeks - so exciting!

The bad news is I'm battling health issues at the moment. Yes, what's new! So I'm hoping that in the next few days I will be feeling a lot better - hopefully. The four of us have been passing a summer flu bug back and forth, with fever, sore throats and coughs and colds. Mine, of course, has gone straight to my chest where it is very happy to stay for as long as it possibly can. So after a fortnight of doing battle with it with without strong drugs and knowing that we have this very exciting holiday coming up - holiday of a life-time kind of holiday and one that I don't want to spend feeling sick, I am going to have to give in and ask my doctor for antibiotics. I have been working with my holistic ENT and and a Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor/Acupuncturist for about 10 months trying to build up my immune system and fight my lung disease without using antibiotics. Previously antibiotics were my first line of defence with the chronic chest infections that I get with my COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) and asthma. This was until I had reached almost ''Superbug'' status, having tried all kinds of antibiotics known to man (and woman) and had become resistant to just about all but the big guns - which I need to keep up my sleeve just incase the worse case scenario happens.  Oh dear look at me, sorry I have digressed - this is a long story (the one about my declining health) and one that I will tell another day. Basically I am off to speak to my doc today to beg for antibiotics so I can feel totally well for 2 weeks and enjoy our holiday!

But back to the summer road trip, when I figure out how to work the Google interactive maps thingy I will add some maps and photos of the places we intend to visit. Then, of course, when we get back we will post photos from our big summer adventure. Many, many photos!

Now, how does this map thingy work....

I couldn't post a blog without photos, so here is a few I found on the web of Theoule in France. This bottom one is the balcony at the apartment we have rented. Can't wait to enjoy breakfast with this view!

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