21 July 2010

summer road trip...

Couldn't get the map thingy to work but basically this is the plan...

First stop, which is about 5 hours from Munich, Bern in Switzerland.

Second stop, about another 5 hours drive, Lyon in France.

Then on to Theoule just outside of Cannes on the French Riviera (can't quite believe I am about to holiday on the French Riviera, still trying to get my head around it!) for some R&R.

Then we head back up north and into Italy to stay in Milano for a couple of nights and then onto Venice for few nights as well. After Venice we drive back up into Germany and home to Munich. All within 2 weeks. Can't wait. So excited!

Good news is that I'm feeling a lot better today. Saw my homeopathic ENT who calmed me down and explained that if she gave me antibiotics now it would set our treatment back to where I was when I first came to her 10 months ago. So I have been using my inhalator/nebuliser around the clock and I have a few little homeopathic remedies to keep me going for a while and truth to tell, had a good night's sleep (first in a long time) and am feeling a heck of a lot better today. Could be the excitement of our impending holiday working some magic on me too. So, it's all good and we are all very happy to be off on our last big European summer adventure - so lucky!

Auf Wiedersehen! 

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