18 November 2010

Getting Crafty...

The kids had a day off school today...another one! Next week they get two more days off school... it feels like they actually don't spend a lot of time at school! 

So anyway, today in Germany it is know as Buß und Bettag. Supposedly a day of prayer and repentance, to change one's direction and turn to God as the church year comes to and end and we move towards Advent. The school used today as a professional development day.  Many families traditionally use this day to begin Christmas preparations, like starting their special baking. So we used it as a Lets Stay in our Pyjama's 'Cause it's Too Cold to Go Outside Day and a Christmas Crafty Day! 

I had spied some lovely paper snowflake cutouts as Christmas decorations in a magazine recently and wanted to recreate the look on our windows. This is our result so far (I seem to be a little hooked on cutting out snowflakes, I think it may have therapeutic benefits!)...so here they are, our small but growing collection of snow flakes...

...and then after all that hard work (we still have more to do, well I do...this is only just the beginning as we count down to Christmas) we enjoyed a little afternoon snack. I love this time of year when all the bakers and grocery shops stock these wonderful little treats...

...They are so cute. Lucky me...this Friday Petra is going to share her baking knowlege with me and teach me a thing or two about baking Christmas cookies German style!

Next week, when the kids have another two days off school, I think I'll try to con Emma into the kitchen with me and bake some of mums wonderful biscuits she makes. First up Italian Spice Biscuits...they were one of my favourites. I feel happy just thinking about them!

Alison x
ps. I'm not known for my Christmas Craftiness...so this was a H U G E day for me! But I liked it, it was fun.xx

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