12 November 2010

not long now...


I can almost smell that salty air and feel that warm sun...

can almost feel that sand between my toes...

ahhhh, those green rolling hills...not long now.

Summer & Christmas holidays at home with the family. Can't beat it. xxoo

Alison x


Miss Sew & So said...

oh my gosh alison- hope you aren't gone yet hon....i would love to make you & your lovely daughter some bunting and a union jack cushion!

my email is mrsea321@gmail.com

send me your thoughts when you have a moment between packing the sunscreen and cossies!!

melissa xx

ps-our village has just put up all the fairy lights along the entire length of the high street...and the village christmas tree...my folks are arriving next friday for a month...kids can't wati...hope they bring some tim tams and sand with them!!
love that tent on the christmas list!!

Alison said...

Wow Melissa, your village sounds wonderful...hopefully see some pics on the blog soon? : )

How special to have your parents with you at Christmas - enjoy!

And if they forget to bring that bottle of sand...let me know, we leave in a couple of weeks and I'll promise to pop a bottle in the bag on the way back here for you...will get it to Old Blighty somehow!


ps emailed a few months back after our initial ''meet'' via A Beach Cottage...not sure if you got it. Will email again-would love to find our more about your bunting and jack cushions. xx