10 November 2010

a little glimpse into my day...

A little glimpse into my day...

Christmas already?

Emma bought herself a Lego set last week during the school holidays...a Lego Christmas scene.  How cute is that! She was pretty impressed with it, as are we all...it even has a light that shines in the top of the house! I'm considering it our first official ''Christmas Decoration'' to go up for 2010...I know, I know it's a bit early but it was just too cute to put away downstairs with the other Lego creations.

Oh how I love online shopping!

I've been waiting all day for this package to arrive...online shopping, boy I love it!! AND I love this pretty blue bag...almost too good to open! A few items have arrived for me to tick off the Christmas shopping list, yay...could be something in there for you!

My sweet photo project
Today I've also got a bit of a photo project going on. Selecting a few photos from when the kids were sweet (they're not so sweet now...why do they have to grow up?!) and printing them off in black and white. This is a project I've been meaning to do for about 2 years...better late than never! 

I've got another project on at the moment, well its not actually 'on the go'. Its only in the thinking stage...I'm thinking about cleaning my fridge. Ugh I hate that job!  I saw a blog post recently at Frills in the Hills about your fridge and what it says about you...

What does my fridge say about me...
My favourite fridge magnets...
Have we NO wine here! Black cat Bobby, my Parisian Can Can girls and my Sean frog! 

It's tiny this fridge and cluttered with special moments in time...

*I have so many precious works of art to put on the fridge that I had to expand the gallery to the wall next to the fridge! So, what does mine say about me I wonder. I love having a collage of photos and bits and pieces - couldn't live without my 'fridge stuff'.

Raspberry muffins
Another project I've put off since the weekend...baking some muffins...raspberry ones...mmmm, yummy! Now to make a cuppa and enjoy a little slice of home in the form of the Woman's Weekly. Hoping that my friends and family are enjoying a little glimpse into my day (miss you) and enjoying a cuppa with me too! 

Alison x

ps. sorry I missed the baby shower Lynne...was thinking about you all day on Sunday. xoo. 

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