08 December 2010


My girl, a boogie board and a deserted beach...a perfect summers day last Christmas. I am so looking forward to spending some time at home...just under 2 weeks now...ahhhh the sun...I'm dreaming of it!

Having said that, the sun is actually out here in Munich today. This is such crazy weather we are all having, minus 11° and freezing here on the weekend and today a top of around 6°, positively balmy!! 

After 2 days of non stop rain and rising temps the snow has all but melted...but never fear, back down to zero tomorrow! Crazy weather...here's hoping the sun is actually out when we come home to Oz for Christmas...fingers crossed. 

But then again, I think I'll just be sooooo happy to see friendly faces that I really won't care if it's rain, hail or shine...the love of family & friends will be warm and wonderful enough : ) 

Alison x

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