07 December 2010

A view from the weekend...

Just a few pics from our trip to Regensburg on Saturday...just to show you how cold it really is!

Can't you feel how cold it was just looking at this photo! 

Regenburg is a lovely old city - famous for its medieval & Gothic architecture 

Christmas markets in full swing...love the giant Advent calendar in the windows

Icicles, icicles and more icicles!

Regensburg's famous Dom...in all its Gothic glory

Lighting a candle and saying a prayer for lost loved ones...

Sure we may be smiling...but we couldn't feel our feet! 

a winter wonderland...

...couldn't get back to the car quick enough to thaw out! 

...and Friday night we went to see the international school's production of Troy Story with Em as a narrator...a very funny play, the kids had a great laugh...Em hadn't told us much about it, she wanted it a surprise. So we weren't sure what it was all about...funny how a you can do a spoof on the 10 year long Trojan war in an hour & a half!  It worked really well and the 95 kids who put their hands up a few months back to take part had an absolute blast making it...Em had a lot of fun! But she wouldn't stay still long enough for us to take a pic of her before the show started...

so this is all we have...Em's in the middle! 

...and not long to go now before we feel that aussie sun warming us and feel the hugs from family and friends. Can't wait!

Alison x


Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

I'm loving having a browse through *your* blog too! Your photos are excellent - so clear - and I love your way of writing.


Alison said...

Thanks Sarah, what a wonderful compliment! : )