17 May 2011

Spring Break, France and the Anzac Day Dawn Service

Sorry to my little blog for allowing you to wilt over the past few weeks. I promise to take better care of you when we move home! Life is in a bit of disarray at the moment, I'm in between moving out of our apartment and heading back home to Oz! 

We had quite an amazing adventure during the Spring Break. We took the opportunity of being so close to France to make the once in a life time trip to Villers Bretonneux for the Anzac Day Dawn Service. We felt so proud and so lucky to have been able to attend. It was a very moving service. My grandfather joined the Australian Army at age 16 to fight in the Great War. He spent time here in France at the Western Front. Five years later and he was one of the lucky ones who returned home. It was a privilege to have been able to pay our respects to all of the past and present brave soldiers who fought for our country.

The day before the service we spent visiting Villers Bretonneux and the surrounding area of Amiens. Perfect weather and beautiful landscapes...France proudly displayed its picturesque countryside.


The Dawn Service

 Sunrise over the Somme

After the Dawn Service we drove to Calais where we spent the night, before we caught the train over the channel to London.

 The Burghers of Calais

As we were so close to Belgium, we drove across to Ypres to see the Menin Gate, a very moving memorial to the missing of the Great War.

From Calais we took the train to London and spent four wonderful days sight seeing for the last time in one of our favourite cities - and guess what? We just happened to be there at the same time as the Wedding of Wills and Kate!! Yay, so much fun was had - more pics to follow of our second 'Royal Day Out'.

Our internet connection is still quite dodgy and I'm suppose to be packing and cleaning our apartment in preparation for our move home, so I'm not too sure when I'll post again. It might have to wait until we have moved home - we'll see!

Take care my lovelies. 
Alison   x 


amberlee said...

oh what amazing photos, i took the journey with you! Looks like you had a wonderful break x

alison said...

thank you amberlee, we certainly did have a grand old time, glad you enjoyed the journey too : )
alison x