07 July 2011

me and florence

I seem to have a bit of a thing for Florence Broadhurst at the moment. It all started with a cushion. While we wait for our shipping container to arrive from Germany, we have had to hire some furniture, bath towels, crockery, cutlery and bed linen. With our bed linen came...a Florence Broadhurst print cushion (I know, can you believe it!) and I LOVE it! Now I want more, more, more Florence...

the cushion that started my latest love affair

saving my pennies for this ottoman

Florence Broadhurst
The more I read about Florence the more intrigued and fascinated I am. So now I'm off to get a copy of a book about her 'secret and extraordinary' life.

Have a look here for more of Florence's designs

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lilabraga said...

a fabulous display of beautiful designs indeed!!!
love this post!