02 September 2011

friday fave

I love all things Nigella, I could watch her cook all day long, she makes it look so easy. 
So today she's my Friday (Foodie) fave. 

I spotted this lovely big bowl of lemons while browsing her website for recipe ideas and decided I could do the same at my place. I've got a few lemons left on our 'lemonade' tree, so I'm off to collect them and place them in a lovely big blue bowl I have and pop them onto the sideboard in our entry...along with some freshly picked mint...a nice greeting for anyone coming through the front door, I think. 

 While I was having a browse, I've found the perfect Father's Day dinner....mmmm, yummo!

lamb with rosemary and port, white bean mash and followed up with old fashioned chocolate cake = happy dad, happy kids and happy me! 

1 comment:

Mama of 2 boys said...

Sounds like the perfect Father's Day fare. I can vouch for the chocolate cake... Daddy's love them! I made hubby one for his birthday this week, nothing quite like a good ol' chocci cake.
Hope you have a lovely weekend :o) xo