06 October 2011

home inspiration

cosy little nooks for reading and relaxing and front entry impact : the front door
...i have both on my mind today 

our home was on the rental market for 3 years while we were living overseas. it's taken its toll and our place is in desperate need of a little TLC. although we have some major reno's on the cards, i'm not sure when they will go ahead (the quotes are just coming in...ouch!). so i'm thinking a mini makeover for a few areas including the front entry, front garden and back deck will do wonders for our home. i'm loving the soft colours and timbers in these pics.

images from here


Mama of 2 boys said...

Oh I just love all of these nook pictures, I too love a little space for cosy reading or tapping away on my laptop. Shame I don't have too many around my place :o/
Your plans of a makeover sound exciting and just the ticket if you're not quite ready for a full overhaul reno. Look forward to seeing more of your changes xo

Anonymous said...

they are all gorgeous alison. hope it is not too hard a decision for you!! have a lovely day. xo