09 October 2011

this time last year

Autumn in Europe is something wonderful. And it will be something that we miss. The colours are spectacular. The weather can be stunning with gorgeous blue skies, warm sunny days and crisp clear evenings. You know that the long dark depts of winter are just around the corner, so you start to make your home 'snuggly'.  You stock up on candles that provide a soft glow to the darker days and evenings, throw rugs on the lounge and the heaters come on. The most important thing was to make the most of that lingering daylight and soak up the warmer days. Pretty much the same as we do here in autumn, but just with a little bit of a twist. I guess it was the the thought of making the most of the season before the freezing cold winter sets in. And the winters are soooo long (something that I won't miss)!

Happy Autumn my European friends! Enjoy xx

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Sandrine said...

Lovely lovely colours and picture Alison!I wonder whay you won't miss the COLD winter ?lol xx

Mama of 2 boys said...

A lovely post and stunning pictures to go with it. Love your description of a European Autumn, it certainly sounds romantic xo

alison said...

Thank you ladies, your comments are always appreciated. I certainly will never miss the winter, however, autumn and spring...now they are something special. alison x