11 October 2011

sharing a link

When I discovered 52 Suburbs I was over the moon! It made my heart sing. And for a homebody like me, discovering gorgeous images of the city I loved the best, when I was living so far from home, was like a godsend. Not only were there sights to see that made my heart even more homesick (in a good way), but there were sights from parts of Sydney that I had never and would never have had the chance to experience without Louise taking me there.

Now 52 Suburbs is about to become 52 Suburbs Around the World and Louise would love a little bit of a hand to make it happen. So I'm all for helping out and it's going to be great knowing we have helped this awesome Aussie art project with a kickstart. So why don't you lend a hand if you can. 

Just a few of my favourites from 52 Suburbs


Anonymous said...

this is awesome. love it so much. going to find out more! have a lovely day. xo.

Anonymous said...

i am back again :)) it is ok...i am nuts!! these photos are so so good!! what a great idea!! ok...go and enjoy your day. xo.

Home is where the ❤ is said...

I know, I know!! How awesome are Louise's photos?! I absolutely love the diptychs and the way she had arranged them is fantastic! She is one talented lady. My 52 Suburbs book sits proudly on my coffee table! Thanks Veronica you have a great day too, and come back any time, you are more than welcome : ) alison xo