04 October 2011


It feels like Monday today, I was just about to type "Happy Monday"! 

Long weekends are fantastic. I wish we could have long weekends every weekend.

However, I have this feeling I'm going to be a day behind all week now!  

So, happy Tuesday : ) 


Anonymous said...

hi alison. i feel the same! i forgot it was daylight savings. not sure i love it much. throws my mornings out terrible. anyway, just popping by to say hi. hope you had a nice weekend even with all the rain we had. talk soon. xo.

amberlee said...

Lovely image, i was looking at this quote the other day and made a quote photo. It is so true! Happy tuesday, hope you catch up with the week xx

amberlee said...

Thanks for your lovely words on my blog. Yes! how adorable is the eye poetry calendar! You should check out her flickr, the horses set is so beautiful. xx