01 November 2011


One of my favourite things about living in Munich was Autumn & it's glorious colours. This was the sight that greeted us every morning when we stepped outside our apartment and looked up. Leading up to Autumn the vines were a beautiful deep lush green and then slowly turned crimson and yellow. Many of the days may have been grey and miserable, but the colours of the leaves were stunning and brightened up the whole place.


Anonymous said...

this is so pretty alison. how lovely it must have been to be living somewhere so different. i would love to do that one day. photo is gorgeous. xo. ps: thanks for your lovely comment. a bit of housekeeping going on over there as well as a busy life!

Mama of 2 boys said...

That is an incredible shot Alison. I love the colours and the pattern, so much texture to that pic. Gorgeous :o) xo

alison said...

Thanks lovelies. xxoo